Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I myself had a great Holiday season. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I always look forward to this time of year and getting to spend time with family and friends. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I had every intention to take a couple of days off and not think about voice labs, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 but I just couldn’t stay away. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I actually spent time doing some labs on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Now before you say “What is wrong with this guy, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 on Christmas?” Let me clarify by saying, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 It was only for a couple of hours, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 and I had 100% approval from the “boss” (yes my wife 🙂 ). Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 As I had mentioned in a prior post, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 l was given a few rack sessions with VoiceBootcamp and had my first session scheduled for last Sunday. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Well, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 things didn’t go as I had planned and after about 10 minutes of trying to connect via vpn, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I wasn’t able to get authenticated and decided to contact support. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 After creating a support ticket, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 and sending a few e-mails, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I never did hear back from them and never did get connected. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I like to reserve my weekend days for full 8 hour mock labs so the day was kind of bust in that sense. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I did end up making the most of the day using my own equipment. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I finally received a response from VoiceBootcamp support the following Monday evening. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 They blamed it on power issues with their equipment and apologized for not contacting me. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Hum, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 the good ol’ “power issue” excuse. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Had I paid for these sessions I may have been a little more upset, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 but being that they were free, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I just accepted the apology and scheduled another session for 1/10. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I’ll let you know how it goes.

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 The Month of December, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 IPexpert and Proctor labs had some crazy end of the year deals going on and I decided to take advantage of the great deal they had on rack sessions and purchased 10. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Just as I did prior to my first lab attempt, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I have scheduled back to back sessions with Proctor Labs the week prior to my 2nd attempt on 2/17. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 This weekend I was busy with 8 hr mock labs on CCBootcamp and IPexpert racks. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Both labs went very well, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 but one thing I was able to practice was integrating CUE with Callmanager. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I had never attempted this before and actually found the task to be fairly simple, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 once I figured out the licensing. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 CUE has different license file pkgs based on the type of integration. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 The CUE module on my rack was loaded with the CME license file. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 To verify what license file is installed on your CUE module, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 issue the command show software license from the CUE CLI. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Both IPexpert and CCBootcamp have the needed license files in the Br2 routers flash, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 the files will look something similar to this:
cue-vm-license_12mbx_cme_2.1.2.pkg for CME
cue-vm-license_12mbx_ccm_2.1.2.pkg for CCM

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 You will need to set an FTP server to load the files. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Once you have an FTP server configured, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 session in to your CUE module and issue the following:
software install clean url ftp://<ftp_server_addr/cue-vm-license_12mbx_ccm_2.1.2.pkg username cisco password cisco

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Once the CUE module comes back up, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 you will be ready to integrate it with CCM. Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 I won’t get into all the details of configuring this right now, zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 but do hope to do a video tutorial soon walking you through the steps for this integration.

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 Once again I wish all of you a Happy New Year and hopefully 2009 is the year several of us get those numbers!

Zebeta 2.5mg pills $152.00 James

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