Started the weekend off with an 8 hour rack session from CCBootcamp. I had previously purchased several sessions and have decided to use these and save most of my Proctor Labs sessions for when I work through IPexpert’s workbooks Volumes 2 and 3. I spent the first 30 minutes or so making all the Basic Infrastructure Design configurations such as creating vlans, configuring ntp, windows and IOS dhcp, the vg248, and getting phones registered.

Last week I came across this blog by Pushkar Bhatkoti CCIE voice #21569 of Sydney Australia. In his blog, Pushkar goes into great detail how to configure WAN QoS in any scenario in 10 minutes. I decided to spend the rest of my day Saturday using Pushkar’s technique and practice my QoS. I went through about 10 different scenarios from several of my workbooks. Although I was never able to accomplish the “10 minute” mark, I was able to accomplish most of the scenarios in 15-20 minutes (including reading the task). I intend to use this strategy for my exam, as well as a few others Pushkar has posted. I recommend checking it out.

Sunday was spent working in my own lab continuing to work through workbook vol 1. I spent most of my time on lab 4: Gateways. Configured MGCP on both my HQ and BR1 sites, as well configuring an E1 R2 at BR2. Next up is Lab 5 Gatekeepers, and I plan to spend this week and weekend really working through it trying to understand everything as Gatekeepers and IPIPGW are weak areas for me.

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