Cisco Routers

Dynamips and Dynagen are basically vmware for Cisco IOS. This software runs actual IOS images for several cisco platforms including the 7200 series. That’s right "actual" ios images. This is not a flash simulator that is missing half of the commands. When studying for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE exams, this software is a must. I hope you enjoy the video tutorial.


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This document will give you the bare minimum to provide RADIUS authentication to your Cisco Devices using Microsoft Internet Authentication Service (IAS) RADIUS server. Using RADIUS on your Microsoft server to authenticate Cisco devices allows you to use the same usernames and passwords on your Windows servers and Cisco devices. (more…)

It is annoying to have to get out of config mode on a router or switch whenever you need to run an exec level command. The ‘do’ command allows you to run exec level commands from config mode.

Router(config)#do show run
Router(config)#do show interface f0/0

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Dual-homed environments with different ISPs have usually meant that BGP must be used and that both ISPs must support BGP routing. Throughout this tutorial, I will show you how you can have mulitple ISPs without BGP or provider independant IP addresses. Tracking objects provide a means of removing static routes if the ISP cannot be contacted.


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