Studies for the new V3 lab have been underway for a little over a month. Most of this time has been spent reading the CME 7.0 and CUCM 7.0 SRNDs and more specifically, those sections which introduce new features and technologies. A section I have really focused on, reading several times now, is the CUCM Dial Plan section. There are a lot of new topics to become familiar with. + Dialing, Globalization, Localization, Normalization, and Local Route Groups, to name a few.

Also during the past month, I have been rebuilding my lab and just about have everything completed. This rebuild included, upgrading all VMs to version 7.0.1, upgrading IOS to 12.4.22T, upgrading CUE to 7.0.1, and some re-cabling and “rack cleanup”. I am fortunate to have several 7961 IP Phones, but hope to replace the few 7940/60 phones I have with 7962s.

As far as study materials, I will primarily be using IPExpert. I have the V3 workbooks and just recently received the upgraded IPExpert Voice VOD. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the VOD and will begin watching this week.

I haven’t scheduled a lab date yet, but at this time, there are plenty of seats open in San Jose and I hope to book a date in the end of November, first of December timeframe.


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