A week and a half until my first attempt at the new version 3 voice lab and my studies have progressed well over the past few months despite being very busy with work. I also believe taking some time off after my last failed attempt of the V2 lab was a good decision. Motivation has been good and it has been nice to learn some of the new technologies and features that we have been able to implement in some of our real world telephony deployments.

Study materials up to this point have primarily been the IPexpert V3 workbooks, SRNDs, and the new IPexpert V3 VoD. Although there have been some complaints on OSL regarding the quality of the new IPexpert V3 VoD, I have found it to be fairly decent and have been able to learn some things from it. One notable complaint has been the lack of video “walkthroughs” that the V2 material provided. During my V2 study, I found the actual walkthroughs to be invaluable and had hoped the V3 would provide the same, but unfortunately it didn’t. The VoD consists primarily of slides with audio lecture. On a positive note for those of you who plan on taking your lab exam sometime next year, IPexpert has announced that the VoD is being updated to include these walkthroughs and should be available first quarter of next year.

So, as was the routine for V2, over the next 8 days I will be living in the lab working through mock labs building on speed and strategy. Also during this time, I will continue to read through SRNDs in preparation for the OEQs.


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