Installing Call Manager version 4.x has been quite a task. All the tutorials I had been following until recently made reference to OS upgrade version 2000.2.6. However, this version no longer available for download on I tried to follow the tutorials for version 2000.4.4a but ran into several issues … the registry hack did not work and version 2000.4.4a did not include MS Java … just to name a few. The following tutorials will walk you through every step to successfully install Callmanager with VMWare Player.



Step 1: Download and install vmware player Watch Video
Step 2: Download and extract the VMware session Watch Video
Step 3: Install Windows 2000 Server SP4 Watch Video
Step 4: Install VMware Tools inside the Virtual Machine Watch Video
Step 5: Install Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Watch Video
Step 6: Modify the windows registry Watch Video
Step 7: Extract shutdown.exe into c:\utils\ directory Watch Video
Step 8: Install Cisco OS 2000.4.4a Upgrade Watch Video
Step 9: Install Cisco Call Manager Watch Video











Cisco OS 4.4a Upgrade
VMware Player
Virtual Machine Starter Session
VMware Tools Download

Cisco OS-2000.4.4a Registry Hack
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine



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