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if you are new to cisco equipment, command filtering may be new to you. If so, citrate salt of sildenafil it will be worth your time to learn these shortcuts.  

If you are a veteran engineer, you probably use filtering with every command and this tutorial may seem too basic for you. However, you may not know that you can search through your command output [citrate salt of sildenafil] even after the command is entered, using the forward-slash. . . see below.



Normal filtering is as follows

!-- Include every line of the configuration including ip
router#show run | include ip

!-- Include every line of the configuration including ip and interface
router#show run | include ip|interface

!-- Exclude every line of 'show proc cpu' that are not using the CPU
router#show proc cpu | exclude 0. 00

!-- Begin the configuration with the dial-peers
router#show run | begin dial-peer

!-- To search through command output after the command is entered, use the forward-slash and the text you would like to search for.
router#show run
. . . .

hostname router

no ip domain lookup
. . . .

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