CUCiMOC (pronounced Cookie Mock) is an acronym for Cisco UC integration for Microsoft Office Communicator and was publicly released for download on July 13th. For those of you who may not have heard of or are not that familiar with CUCiMOC, it allows your MOC client to integrate directly with Unified communications Manager 7.x (actually 6.1.3 and later)….WITHOUT Cisco Unified Presence (CUPS).

Previously, it has been possible to do OCS –CUPS integration via a direct SIP connection, but for those of you who may have attempted this (and actually got it to work correctly) will know that it complex to configure and the Cisco/Microsoft licensing requirements for this integration is less than attractive. CUCiMOC on the other hand, is just a client side plug-in and may be a better alternative to customers who currently use OCS. One thing to keep in mind is that CUCiMOC is created by Cisco (no Microsoft licensing requirements), and hence is not supported by Microsoft, unlike the OCS-CUPS direct SIP integration. Now, as I have yet to actually attempt to get CUCiMOC working in the lab, I can’t really comment at this time on the actual complexity of getting it to work, but have a feeling it isn’t going to be that difficult after reading through the release notes and configuration guides. I hope to get OCS installed in the lab as well as CUCiMOC soon and report back here on my experience.
In the meantime, if you are interested in reading more on CUCiMOC you can find the documentation at the following locations:
Release notes:
Installation Guide:
And if you have the appropriate CCO account, you can download the CUCiMOC installer:

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