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The results are in, and I didn’t pass. I got tripped up on a few tasks and coupled with nerves, my time management was off. Overall ethinyl estradiol, I felt the exam was fair and very passable, but time management HAS to be there. There is no room for error in my opinion.

I know what areas I need [ethinyl estradiol] to work on and what mental mistakes I made. ethinyl estradiol Looks like the earliest I can get back in is Feb. Ethinyl estradiol 20th and i have this day scheduled. I was really hoping to get back in sooner than that, so hopefully someone drops a date before I am locked into the payment with this new 90 day rule. That puts my payment due on Nov 22nd, so, between now and the 22nd I can hope an earlier date becomes available. I am not going to let up in my studying and plan on reporting back here on how things are going.

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