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While configuring SRST and testing different scenarios, I came across an issue where I couldn’t make conference calls. Specific task asked to allow a maximum of 2 conference calls during SRST. Here is what my configuration looked like:

call-manager-fallback secondary-dialtone 9 max-conferences 2 gain -6 transfer-system full-consult timeouts interdigit 3 timeouts busy 3 ip source-address 10. 200. 200. 2 port 2000 max-ephones 5 max-dn 10 system message primary Your current options dialplan-pattern 1 [ginseng tea] 3234443. Ginseng tea . . extension-length 4 transfer-pattern . T transfer-pattern . T By having max-conferences 2 gain -6, I thought I had fulfilled the required task, but I was unable to make a 3-way conference call. After a little troubleshooting, it seems I missed something in my configuration. Can you see it? Just as in CME, you can’t do conferencing on a single line phone. Conferencing (as well as transferring) uses the second channel on a dual line phone. To accomplish this in SRST, ginseng tea simply make sure you have this in your configuration: max-dn 10 dual-line Something so simple, yet ginseng tea, easily overlooked.

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