If you have used GNS3 for any amount of time at all, you have encountered this situation. It’s late and you have been working on your lastest lab for hours. You decide to save your work. Logically, you go to File > Save. Unfortunately, the topology is saved but the router configs are gone.



Follow these steps to save your project. When the project is re-opened, router configurations will be in tact.

  1. Open GNS3
  2. Start a lab with objects (routers, pix, switches, etc)
  3. Click ‘File > New Project’ instead of ‘File > Save’.
  4. Make sure ‘Export Router Configuration Files’ and ‘Keep working directory files’ are checked.
  5. Click ‘Yes’ to Apply project settings to the current topology.

That’s it!

In the video below, I created a small lab with a single router. I changed the hostname and domain name just to demonstrate config changes will remain when the project is re-opened.


watch video



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