Testing Pix related labs can be difficult without the necessary features. In this tutorial, you will learn how to find and use an unrestricted license on your virtual pix firewall.  This will not work on an actual Pix firewall. Only GNS3 and only for testing.



How to obtain an unrestricted license on your own

  1. Open google.com
  2. Enter “This Platform has an unrestricted (UR) license” (with quotes)
  3. Search the results until you find a valid ‘show version’ with a serial number and activation key
  4. Copy the serial number
  5. Open a new tab and go to google.com again
  6. Paste the serial number followed by “in hex”
    ex: [405400750 in hex                 ]
  7. The resulting hex  number will be used as the serial number in GNS3



Configure PEMU to use the unrestricted Pix license

  1. Open Gns3
  2. Create a new project file
    • check save NVRAMS and other disk files
    • click ‘Ok’
  3. Configure Pemu Preferences
    • Go to the ‘Edit > Preferences’ menu
    • Make sure the pemuwrapper path is correct
    • Locate a Pix image on your hard drive
    • Enter the hex version of the serial number found with google’s help
    • Click ‘Ok’
  4. Drag a Pix Icon onto the lab
  5. Start the firewall
  6. Console into the firewall
  7. Type ‘enable’ to enter enable mode
  8. Press enter when prompted for a password
  9. Type ‘config t’ to enter config mode
  10. Type ‘activation-key’ followed by the activation key found with google’s help
  11. Press ‘Enter’ to proceed with flash update of activation key
  12. Type ‘write mem’ to save the config
  13. Stop and Start the Firewall
  14. Console into the firewall again
  15. Type ‘show version’ to verify the activation key worked. You should see various features enabled now.


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