Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 In this tutorial, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 you will learn how to use IPBlue’s VTGO Lite softphone to test skinny phone registration and dialing by running multiple instances of emulated Cisco IP Phones.

Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 This is the fourth tutorial in the Virtual Voice Lab Series for CCIE and CCVP studies.

Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00

Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 Disclaimer and Due Credit:

Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 This tutorial series is heavily based on CCIE Voice Home lab with Dynamips/VMware by Jayanm of Chicago, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 IL. Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 Jaynam has obtained the following Cisco Certifications: CCIE (Voice) – CCVP – CCSP – CCNA – CQS (PIX, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00VPN, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00IDS) – VMWare Certified Professional.

Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 I really appreciate the ground breaking research by Jaynam.

PC Preparation

  1. Install IPBlue on your workstation.  This part really shouldn’t require much of an explanation. Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 You will need to download VTGO Lite. Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 Here is the link.

    Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 Watch the Video

  2. If your PC does not have multiple NICs, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 you can use MS Loopback adapters. Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 (If you do have multiple nics, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 this part is not necessary.)
    • Go to Start > Control Panel
    • Click ‘Add Hardware’
    • Click ‘Next’
    • Select ‘Yes, lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 I already have a connection’
    • Select ‘Add a new hardware device’
    • Select ‘Install from a list’
    • Click ‘Network Adapters’
    • Select Microsoft Loopback
    • Click ‘Next’
    • Click ‘Next’
    • Click ‘Finish’
    • Double-Click ‘Network Connections’
    • Rename the loopback interface to something descriptive.

    Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00
    Watch the video

  3. Gather the MAC addresses for PC interfaces using the ‘ipconfig /all’ command

    Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 Watch the video

Basic Phone configs in Call Manager and IP Blue

  1. Configure two ip phones in the CUCM server or turn on auto registration
    • Configure the MAC address
    • Select the default phone button template
    • Select the default device pool
    • Select the default device security profile
    • Add a new dn and give it an extension

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Run multiple IPBlue Softphones

  1. Create a new IP Blue shortcut with the  ‘/d’ option following the softphone executable.
  2. Open the IP Blue Softphone
  3. Change the phone options
    • Set the TFTP Server to the ip address of your CUCM server
    • Set the MAC Address with the Network interface option
    • Set the Primary Call Manager
    • Select an IP Phone model to emulate
  4. Open the Windows registry editor (Click Start > Run  and type regedit)
  5. Export the Phone settings
    • Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_USER\Software\IPBlue branch
    • Right-Click on the IPBlue folder and select ‘Export’
    • Give the registry file a descriptive name and click ‘Save’
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for each virtual phone you would like to use.
  7. Double-Click one of the .reg file for one of the softphones saved in steps above.
  8. Open the IP Blue Softphone.
  9. Double-Click another .reg file for one of the softphones saved in steps above.
  10. Open the IP Blue softphone again. Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 (The IPBlue software references the settings in the system registry during startup)

    Lamictal 50mg pills $87.00 Watch the video

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