Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Spent the past several days going over Lab 7: Media and Lab 8:High Availability. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Although both Labs were pretty straight forward and most of the tasks I have configured several times, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I was still able to learn a few new things.

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Lab 7: Media
Since I was working in my lab, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I had to skip the first couple of tasks that included configuring ports on the Catalyst 6500 (6508 blade) for a conference bridge and transcoder. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 These tasks are relatively easy and I have practiced them several times during rented rack time, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 so not a big deal skipping. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I did practice configuring IOS Conference Bridge and transcoder using the “new” way with profiles as well as the “old” way on the NM-HDV card. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I believe the exam blueprint has the NM-HDV listed so it is recommended that you know both ways of configuration. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 With the “old way”, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 there is no need to define profiles. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 The configuration should look something like below:

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Voice-card 0
Dspfarm services dspfarm

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions 2
Dspfarm confbridge maximum sessions 1

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Sccp
Sccp local vlan20
Sccp ccm priority 1
Sccp ccm priority 2

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 One task not listed, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 but I still wanted to configure was to multicast MOH from the router’s flash. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Before doing this, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I did go ahead and configure my MOH servers for Multicast, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 enabled multicast routing on routers, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 and made sure all the necessary interfaces were configured for PIM. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 The Initial task requested that HQ receive multicast MOH using G711 codec and BR1 receive MOH using G729 codec. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 No issues here as I was able to accomplish what was asked. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Next I decided configure BR1 router to multicast MOH from flash. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I added the needed configurations into Call-Manager-Fallback. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I ran into two issues:
1. I had configured the MOH servers to Multicast using the default address of and increment on IP address. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Since BR1 was receiving MOH in G729, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 the multicast address was and I had configured Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 After some reading, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I learned that Incrementation is triggered by a change in codec as well as the number of audio sources. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Hence, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 source 1 g711mu-law would be; source 1 g711a-law would be and so on. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Once I configured the correct IP address in my Multicast statement, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I ran into issue number 2.

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 2. The audio file I was using in CCM was different than the file I had in BR1 routers flash. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 When I would place a call on hold, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I would now hear BOTH of the audio files at the same time. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 What was happening was that CCM was multicasting as well as the router on the same address. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Turning off multicast routing on the BR1 router resolved issue and now I was only hearing the audio file multicasting from flash. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 A couple of useful commands:
show ccm-manager music-on-hold – Use this command to verify that MOH is multicast.
debug ephone moh – used to verify that the SRST gateway is multicasting.

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 ** TIP **
Unless it specifically states something different, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 to keep things simple, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 it is best to create a Region and Device Pool for G711 and assign it to your MOH servers. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 This way you will know to just put on routers where you are multicasting from flash.

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Lab 8: High Availability
This lab focused mostly on configuring AAR and also SRST on the BR1 router. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 No issues with getting AAR to work. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Dropped the locations bandwidth to 23 for BR1 and 4 digit dialing from BR1 to HQ was re-routed out the PSTN successfully. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 For SRST, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 configured the basic settings as well as had to preserve 4 digit dialing to HQ and BR2, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 and also maintain Class of Restriction. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I was instructed not to use “prefix” or translations rules to maintain 4 digit dialing. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I used Num expansion to go from 4 digit to full E164 and created dial peers for each to send calls out the PSTN successfully. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 To maintain Class of Restriction, avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I used IOS COR and applied to outbound dialpeers as well as the proper DNs within Call-Manager-Fallback.

Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Tomorrow I have my first 8 hour Proctor Labs rack time scheduled. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 I plan on connecting with the EzVPN solution so hopefully I won’t have any issues. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 Part of the time will be spent getting familiar with how everything works on PL racks. Avapro 300mg pills $150.00 The remaining time I plan on working on IPexpert Workbook Vol 2 Multiprotocol Challenge A.

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