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Studies for the new V3 map lab have been underway for a little over a month. Most of this time has been spent reading the CME 7. 0 and CUCM 7. 0 SRNDs and more specifically, those sections which introduce new features and technologies. A section I have really focused on, reading several times now, is the CUCM Dial Plan section. Map there are a lot of new topics to become familiar with. + Dialing, Globalization, Localization, Normalization, and Local Route Groups, to name a few.

Also during the past month, I have been rebuilding my lab and just about have everything completed. This rebuild included, upgrading all VMs to version 7. 0. 1, upgrading IOS to [map] 12. 4. 22T, upgrading CUE to 7. 0. 1, and some re-cabling and “rack cleanup”. I am fortunate to have several 7961 IP Phones, but hope to replace the few 7940/60 phones I have with 7962s.

As far as study materials, I will primarily be using IPExpert. I have the V3 workbooks and just recently received the upgraded IPExpert Voice VOD. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the VOD and will begin watching this week.

I haven’t scheduled a lab date yet map, but at this time, there are plenty of seats open in San Jose and I hope to book a date in the end of November, first of December timeframe.


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