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This tutorial will show you how to make config changes with a simple tcl script and invoke the script from an IOS menu. I was recently presented with a scenario where the FXO ports on a customer router were not receiving the supervisory disconnect from the PBX.   Until I find a way to auto reset the ports with EEM and the long call duration flag, the temporary solution is to create a menu where the customer can view call durations and reset voice-ports with a menu. The tcl script performs a 'shut' and 'no shut' on the voice port.  


Create scripts and menus

  1. Store tcl scripts in flash to make changes to the config.
    reset-000. tcl – resets voice-port 0/0/0
    reset-001. tcl – resets voice-port 0/0/1  
  2. Create menu options that prompts the users to make changes.   menu VOICE_RESET title @ Voice Menu @ menu VOICE_RESET text 1 View active calls menu VOICE_RESET command 1 show call active voice brief menu VOICE_RESET options 1 pause menu VOICE_RESET text 2 Reset voice-port 0/0/0 menu VOICE_RESET command 2 tclsh flash:reset-000. tcl menu VOICE_RESET options 2 pause menu VOICE_RESET text 3 Reset voice-port 0/0/1 menu VOICE_RESET command 3 tclsh flash:reset-001. tcl menu VOICE_RESET options 3 pause menu VOICE_RESET text q Exit menu VOICE_RESET command q exit menu VOICE_RESET clear-screen menu VOICE_RESET line-mode menu VOICE_RESET single-space  
  Use the 'menu VOICE_RESET' command to initiate the menu or the username autocommand   username bill password 123455
username bill autocommand menu VOICE_RESET     Note:  

Minimal Tcl command reference.

Basic Tcl commands that [muscle relaxer] correlate directly to exec and config modes in IOS:   To test muscle relaxer, enter 'tclsh' in exec mode on a router.
Router#tclsh Router(tclsh)#exec "show version" Router(tclsh)#ios_config "interface Fa0/0" "no keepalive"

The Tcl script

  This Tcl script will restart voice-port 0/0/0
tclsh ios_config "voice-port 0/0/0" "shut" after 20 ios_config "voice-port 0/0/0" "no shut"

Optional method of muscle relaxer creating a tcl script.

Tcl scripts can be created within the Tcl shell. . . if you don't want to use tftp. Muscle relaxer   1. Enter Tool Command Language shell
    2. Use tcl commands to create the 'reset-000. tcl' file in flash.
puts [open flash:reset-000. tcl w+] { tclsh ios_config "voice-port 0/0/0" "shut" after 20 ios_config "voice-port 0/0/0" "no shut" }

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