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Occasionally, I have run into the issue when turning up a PRI that ring back is not heard when placing an inbound call. Caller only hears silence until the called party answers. This seems to [no rx mentat] be more prevalent with no rx mentat smaller Telco’s who don’t have a lot of experience with PRIs.



This issue is commonly caused when inbound calls do not come into the gateway with the Progress IE (PI) equal to 3. When this message is present (easily verified using debug isdn q931), the gateway assumes that the call is coming from a non-isdn terminal and will generate ring back once the H. No rx mentat 225 alert message is received back from callmanager. If PI=3 is not present in the ISDN message no rx mentat, the gateway then assumes that the call is coming from an isdn terminal and expects the ISDN side to generate the ring back.


A quick solution to resolve is to apply the hidden command progress_ind set enable 3 to your voip dial-peer(s) that point to callmanager. This forces the gateway to treat the inbound ISDN setup as though it came in with PI=3 and forces the gateway to generate the ring back.


dial-peer voice 200 voip
  destination-pattern 1…
  progress_ind setup enable 3
  session target ipv4: 10. 10. 0. 10


James Key CCIE #25772 (Voice)

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