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Is it possible to build a voice lab without actual hardware? The answer is yes and no. You can build a very good lab using GNS3 and VMWare but it is not possible to build a complete lab. The underlying emulation engine for GNS3 (dynamips) does not support digital signal processors (dsps) or voice cards.

Over the next few months, I will show you how to build a very good lab without any hardware. If you want a more complete lab, you will need to obtain at least one router with dsps and voice cards. I have a 2611XM router with DSPs no rx quick relief dogs, a vic-2fxs card, a vic-2fxo card and an ATA-186.



Disclaimer and Due Credit:

This tutorial series is heavily based on by Jayanm of Chicago, IL.   Jaynam has obtained the following Cisco Certifications: CCIE (Voice) - CCVP - CCSP - CCNA - CQS no rx quick relief dogs (PIX, VPN, IDS) - VMWare Certified Professional.

I really appreciate the ground breaking research by Jaynam.

Updates and Videos in the series:

I will include future videos in this section as they are created. It is a good idea to bookmark this particular post or if you would like to keep up on all future tutorials.


I am using a fairly basic pc with a 3Ghz hyperthreading CPU and 2GB Ram. By today's standards, it is nothing special.

Update 1/19/09: I have added Dell 750 server with 4GB RAM for virtual servers at the Headquarters location.

Optional Hardware

As I mentioned before, I have a 2611XM router with a couple voice cards and some dsps. No rx quick relief dogs this is not manditory but i will include this hardware with the lab series for those that would like to purchase the hardware to follow along.

Emulated Hardware

I will be emulating 3725 routers because they will be seen on the CCIE lab. Although the 3725s call for 256 MB requirements, I have found that they only actually use ~192MB ram on my PC.

Jaynam and others have opted to use 2691's. You may find this works better for you also.


I have chosen to use Ubuntu Linux for my host operating system due to better performance over XP, stability, availability, ease of use and price.

Host OS: Ubuntu 8. 0. 4
PC Emulation: VMWare Server v1. 0. [no rx quick relief dogs] 6 or 2. x
Router Emulation: GNS3 v0. 5 / v0. 6
IOS: c3725-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz. 124-15. T6. bin

What is possible without hardware?

It is possible to test lots of  different Cisco VOIP Technologies. Here is a short list. I am sure I will make mistakes with this list or leave things out. Feel free to email me or make a comment to help me get a more complete list.

Call Manager Features

SIP Trunking

offers free SIP trunks for voice labs.

IOS Features

What is not possible without hardware?


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