The guys at have done it again! They just released version .04 of their incredible network emulation software. There are lots of new features including Pemu integration, c1700 and WICs Support and Project feature (you can keep router configs, nvram …).

Here is a full list of the new features:

  • A dynamic mode (no design/emulation modes)
  • A new .net save/load.
  • c1700 and WICS support.
  • PIX emulation.
  • Dynamips’s ATM bridge.
  • Capture feature for links from the GUI.
  • IDLE PC calculation from the GUI.
  • GUI improvements (save the window state when closing GNS3 …)
  • Annotation feature.
  • Project feature (you can keep router configs, nvram …)
  • NULL NIO support.
  • PDF export.
  • New languages.

I would like to challenge everyone to make a donation to one of the projects below. Don’t worry if you can’t donate a lot. If everyone would donate the amount they tipped the waitress at their last dinner out, I am sure it would make a huge difference to the people writing the code.

If you are in charge of the pemu or dynamips projects, please let me know. I would like to add you to this list.

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