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Once again, I would like to say thank you for all of your comments and words of encouragement. All of the positive feedback definitely gives me the motivation to continue on. Although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed to see that I failed, that disappointed only lasted a couple of days and now has turned into an even stronger desire to pass this lab!

As I stated previously, I felt I had a good grasp on most of the concepts, and after sitting the lab, I KNOW exactly where I need to focus my studies. Penis growth i made the big mistake of not putting the time in to really learning ipcc, both integration and scripting. I also should have put more time into learning VPIM. Had I been able to get all the points on both of these tasks (as well as get the nerves under control :-) ) I believe I would have had a good shot at passing. The strategy I used (which was in an earlier blog), worked very well and I plan on continuing to use it with only a few very minor tweaks. The earliest I was able to get a new lab date is February 17th. penis growth [penis growth] Although my intentions were to get back in right after the 30 day wait, having to wait until February should give me plenty of time fine tune everything and make sure I am without a doubt 100% ready. The nerves are gone, as I know exactly what to expect once I step through those doors. My intentions were to take a few days off from studying once I returned home, and I tried, but after 9 months of nothing but voice penis growth, it was hard, and I broke down and started studying again. I didn’t schedule any Proctor Labs rack time, but instead used my own lab and tried to replicate several of the questions I was tasked with on the exam. This next week I am onsite with a customer doing a CallManager BE implementation, so studying will be limited, but I am hoping I can get some lab time in each evening. Next weekend I begin to hit it hard again and will be scheduling PL rack time both Saturday and Sunday. I plan on continuing to work through all 10 labs of IPexpert vol 3 over and over until I can do each of them in around the 5 hour mark. I will also be using my own lab and trying to come up with my own different scenarios to configure. On a side note, a very big thanks to Josh for continuing to allow me to use Blindhog. net as a place to blog about my pursuit of the CCIE Voice. Josh is the one who started this site a couple of years ago and is the one responsible for creating all of the great tutorials you find here. Once I have earned my CCIE, I plan on continuing to work with Josh in producing different voice related tutorials as well as give tips and support for those of you working towards your CCIE Voice. James

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