This tutorial will show you how to use the synaptic package manager in Ubuntu 9.10 to prevent the kernel from being updated automatically when there is a new update available.

You may ask … “Why would I not want to upgrade my kernel?” Personally, I only have one reason: VMWare Server. Other people have to compile special device drivers for video cards, sound cards, etc.. I use VMWare Server for my home voice lab. When my system upgrades the kernel, I have to run ‘sudo’ to compile new vmnet device drivers for the new kernel.

Its annoying that my lab breaks with every upgrade and I have to spend 15 min fixing it before I can study. Not to mention the latest upgrade of Ubuntu to 9.10 broke my lab for several weeks until I learned about a special patch. (Here is the video to patch the Ubuntu Kernel if you are interested.)

How to lock your kernel version:

  1. Open the synaptic package manager
  2. Search for ‘linux-image-generic’
  3. Select the package starting with ‘linux-image-generic’
  4. Click ‘Package > Lock Version’
  5. Search for ‘linux-headers-generic’
  6. Select the package starting with ‘linux-headers-generic’
  7. Click ‘Package > Lock Version

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