As some of you know, my lab exam is scheduled for Nov. 10th. My intentions were to schedule back to back sessions with Proctor Labs every day the week prior. Yesterday I had decided to go ahead and reserve the sessions for those days.

One big problem, all racks were showing booked that whole week! Needless to say, Panic began to set in. I decided to shoot Matt Brooks over at IPexpert an e-mail stating my “situation”. I received an e-mail back from Matt stating that he was talking to the guys and seeing what he could do. Shortly after, I received another e-mail from Matt stating that I should be good to go with scheduling. I jumped right in and was able to schedule back to back sessions the whole week, and all sessions are on the same pod. This goes to show you the kind of guys over at IPexpert. They have been nothing but good to me, and really care about the success of CCIE candidates. Thanks again Matt and everyone else for helping me out with this!

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