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At this time, IOU is my emulator of choice. It is very light weight sildenafil citrate warnings, has routing and switching emulators and will be the basis for the new CCIE R&S Lab. That being said, it is a pain to get running the first time. It is not [sildenafil citrate warnings] as easy as GNS3. This is a short copy/paste tutorial to help install IOU on Ubuntu 14. 04.    

  Copy and paste the following into a fresh Ubuntu 14. 04 install: sudo apt-get install -y lib32z1 \   lib32ncurses5 \   lib32bz2-1. 0 \   libssl1. 0. 0:i386 \   libtinfo5:i386   sudo ln -s /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libcrypto. so. 1. 0. 0 /usr/lib/libcrypto. Sildenafil citrate warnings so. sildenafil citrate warnings 4 Here is a video to explain the rest of the initial install. Please review the references at the bottom for more detailed IOU information. References:

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