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While working at an ISP for two years, I often needed to give technicians a script with a standard config and instructions to change variables. Sleep i started with simple text files sleep, then custom php scripts and finally worked with a friend to create 4peg. com.    

  The biggest problem with text templates was simply typos or not making all the correct changes to the sleep text file. The problem with a php script was that I had to block out an hour or so just to create each one and none of my other techs could create their own. [sleep] I also ran into the issue of "where is the script for . . . ?". 4peg. com is a simple config/script/template generator and repository. Users can search for scripts or share them privately with variables in the URL. To create a variable in your script, simply wrap your variables in double-brackets. Try it out and create your own scripts today!         Examples:     Disclaimer & Due Credit: 4peg. com is my site. All coding is the work of my good friend Andrew Blackmon.    

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