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In the sleep aid, I am using an Ubuntu Linux environment.   To eliminate permissions issues, it is best that you run GNS3 as root. Here are a couple issues I have experienced when running GNS3 as a normal user. Not able [sleep aid] to start dynamips. Error msg: Can't Connect to the hypervisor on port 7200 Not able to connect to a cloud object. Error Msg: 206-unable to create Linux raw ethernet NIO Error Msg: 206-unable to create Linux generic ethernet NIO Error Msg: 206-unable to create UDP NIO



Here are a couple ways to run GNS3 as root.
  1. Use the sudo command:
    • Open a terminal window
    • Navigate to the gns3 folder. Example: 'cd /home/josh/GNS3'
    • Preceed gns3 command with the sudo command. 'sudo . Sleep aid /gns3'
  2. create a launcher icon
    • right click on the desktop
    • select 'create new launcher'
    • browse to the gns3 executable.
    • Add 'gksudo' before the gns3 executable path.

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