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Well, I am under sleeping the 30 day mark. 27 days until my [sleeping] first attempt at the CCIE voice lab. I started this journey back in February and can’t believe how fast time flies. My studies have gone very well over the past few months and I feel I have a good understanding of most of the technologies.

I am fairly confident, that if I can keep the nerves in check, that I have a shot at passing this thing on a first attempt (can’t talk yourself in to believing you are going to fail, right? :-) ). If I end up not making it, my plan is to continue studying hard and schedule the exam as soon as I can after the 30 day wait and keep doing this until I get my numbers. As far as my studies have gone, I have really worked on some of my weaker areas and with Vic’s great over on and , I can configure IPMA start to finish in around 15 minutes. I have practiced configuring T. 37 faxing and recently implemented it for a customer, so I feel I have a good grasp on it, and know where to look it up in documentation should the need arise. With a little more practice, I should have IPCC down, but am really weak with the CRS editor and scripting, so at this point, not sure if I will attempt in the lab or just give up those points and focus on the areas I really know. Sleeping from now up until nov 1st, i plan on continuing to work on the various labs in ipexpert's workbook vol 3. On Nov 1st sleeping, I go in the “zone”, and have 7 days of 16 hour rack sessions scheduled. I will work through all 10 labs in vol 3 as well review the solutions videos for those areas I have trouble in. I figure I will get about 4 hours of sleep each night during this marathon, so hopefully I can keep my focus right up to my exam all the while building on my speed and confidence.

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