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Smoking i have made it to san jose. Hard to believe how time goes by so fast and that my exam is tomorrow. For the past nine months since I completed the written exam, I have been getting ready for this day. As I mentioned in my previous posts smoking, all of last week was spent in the lab and I logged approx 115hrs there since last Saturday. Double rack sessions at Proctor Labs each day.

I was able to work through all 10 Mock labs in Workbook Vol 3, as well as go over a lot of the solutions videos included for each lab. I feel really confident in almost all of the technologies and my speed improved greatly from all of the rack time. Now if I can just keep the nerves in check! :-) This is my first ever attempt at a CCIE and now I completely understand what other candidates are talking about when they mention the anxiety and stress. I am hoping that once I get in there and sit down and start configuring, all of that will go away. If it is anything like the mock labs I have been going through, there is so much to do, that you get in a zone with configurations and before you know it, you [smoking] are several hours in. It has been quite the journey. Although the end goal is to get your numbers, the knowledge that I have gained is tremendous and is mine to keep, whatever the results tomorrow may be. A big thanks smoking to all of you for your words of encouragement, and hopefully in the next couple of days I will have some good news to report!

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