The final stretch of studying before my exam in nine days is well under way. Yesterday, I began working through the last mile labs completing the first of the 4 labs. So what are my initial thoughts on these new labs?

Well, kind of mixed really. I found lab 1 to be very similar to the Vol. 3 labs and even recognized a few identical questions. Honestly, lab 1 seemed to be pretty easy and I was able to complete it in just over 5 hours. Most, if not all of the tasks were things that I am familiar with and really didn’t feel challenged or have to think outside of the box. I haven’t really taken a look at the other 3 labs and plan on doing lab 2 today, but my hopes are that the labs will be somewhat more difficult than lab 1.

I also took some time yesterday and reworked my own lab PSTN router to accommodate several different dialplans and will be using these in different labs. For those of you currently have your own racks, I highly recommend that you do this. One mistake that I made early on, was getting used to using just one dialplan in all of my labs, and once I got to the real lab and had a total different dialplan than what I was used to, it slowed me down some.

My plan for the next week is to complete an 8hr mock lab each day just to maintain speed and endurance and primarily use the 4 last mile labs for this. I’ll spend the rest of the time during the day working in my lab practicing different tasks.

I’ll post again in a couple days.


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