Completed Lab 2 last night, and I have to say, a definite increase in difficulty level from lab 1. I actually had no idea how to configure one of the tasks initially, but was able to complete the task based on a solution I read on Online Study List.

For those of you following OLS, you probably have noticed a lot of discussion going on over the past couple of weeks regarding playing a custom Annunciator message for calls to a specific DN from both internal AND PSTN callers. I have been reading the different posts but never had tried to lab it up until I was faced with the actual question in lab 2. Now, your first thought may be “the annunciator cannot be played to the PSTN”. This was my thinking also, but found that with a little creativity (which is what this exam is all about) it can be done.

My task was if someone calls DN 1000 internally, or the full 10 digit number from the PSTN, that a custom annunciator is played.

Here is the solution I used:

Internal calls:

1. Create your custom message in Unity and save to a file.
2. Copy this file to the following location on your ccm Pub: c:\Program Files\Cisco\MOH\DropMOHaudioSourceHere. This will create 5 new files.
3. Copy all 5 of these files to TFTPPath\English_United_States. Rename the original 5 Ann-VCA.* files to something else and rename the new files to match the original Ann-VCA files.
4. Copy these same files to the identical directory on the Sub.
5. Create a translation pattern–>reject call–>with Unallocated number

PSTN calls:

1. Create a new partition called gateway-pt and place this in the gateway CSS above the internal-pt.
2. Create a CTI Route Point with extension 1000 in gateway-pt and Cfwd all to Unity.
3. Create a Unity CH with the DN 1000 that will play the custom annunciator.

Do a search on OSL to find this solution as well as a few other creative ways of doing this. I believe one even involves using Attendant Console with “dummy” Pilot points.

Also, having attempted the actual lab, I found lab 2 to be more in line with the overall “feel” of the actual lab. In both the way questions are asked and the level of difficulty. Lab 3 is on schedule for today, and I hope it is just as good!


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