Sorry for just now posting my results of my recent lab attempt (2nd). As most of you have probably already concluded, I didn’t pass. I felt I did really well overall and at the end of the day, I had tallied enough points for a pass (through my verification), but didn’t leave a lot of room for error. As many of you know, what we think is a correct answer, may be seen a little different to the Proctor. And in my case, there must have been enough differences to take me below the 80 mark.

There were several key differences between this attempt and my first attempt. On my first attempt, I spent most of the day prior to my exam studying and cramming last minute information. This time, once I arrived at my Hotel, I didn’t study a single bit. I tried to put the exam and everything about voice out of my head. I relaxed, watched TV, took a little nap and got some exercise in. I had a good meal that night and was able to fall asleep early and get a good night’s rest. I know this has been said many times and I am going to say it here right now, if you can manage it, DO NOT STUDY THE DAY PRIOR TO YOUR EXAM! This made a huge difference for me on exam day as far as both mental and physical preparedness.

On exam day going into the lab, I felt really confident and relaxed (a little anxiety, but can’t really help that). I felt I had a great strategy going in, had put the time in preparing, and had the speed. For those of you who have never tested in San Jose, the day is broken up as 3 hours in the morning, lunch, 5 hours in the afternoon. My goal was to have all of my CLI configured the first 3 hours, and then try to have everything else completed 3 hours into the second part of the day leaving 2 hours for verification. I ended up with 1.5 hours for verification and was able to fix several mistakes that I had made. In the end, although I didn’t get a pass, I made a significant improvement from first attempt and feel really confident I can get it on my next attempt.

My biggest hurdle at this point, is trying to secure a date before the lab changes in mid July. I plan on continuing hard with my studies right up until the day that I know I won’t be able to secure a seat (mid April, everyone will be locked into their dates with the 90 day rule). Then, the studies will continue, only for the Ver3 blueprint 🙂 . No way am I stopping now.


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