I just wanted to take a minute to post links to a site that were very helpful to me last week. At my job, I rarely use UCCX(IPCC). The extent of my UCCX experience is scratching my way through the documentation enough to use it for TAPs and thats it. I installed it again recently for an install but instead of fumbling through the documentation, I went to blogsearch.google.com and found Alex Hannah’s site: UCCX.net. Below are links to a few of his video tutorials that were very helpful. Thanks Alex!




UCCX Videos

UCCX 7x Win 2003 OS Virtualized

Installing UCCX 7x
Integrating UCCX 7 into CUCM 7 Part 1 of 2
Integrating UCCX 7 into CUCM 7 Part 2 of 2



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