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As of IOS version 12. Vipps pharmacy 4(11)xw caller id name support has  been added to the h323 feature set. In the past vipps pharmacy, caller id name delivery was only [vipps pharmacy] available with MGCP or SIP.   The following is an excerpt from



Here are the necessary commands to enable caller ID with h323. The 'h225 display-ie ccm-compatible' command can be entered system wide or h323 class based.

router#config t

!-- System based configuration
router(conf-serv-h323)#h225 display-ie ccm-compatible

!-- H323 Class based configuration
router(config)#voice class h323 1
router(config-class)#h225 timeout ntf 100
router(config-class)#h225 display-ie ccm-compatible
vipps pharmacy /> router(config-class)#

!-- Interface Configuration
router(config-class)#int s0/2/0:23
router(config-if)#isdn supp-service name calling


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