Ceftin 250mg pills $90.00 Although this is the first tutorial following the Virtual Voice Lab Series introduction, ceftin 250mg pills $90.00 the first tutorials were recorded and posted several months ago.

Install Call Manager 4.x with VMWare

How to install Call Manager 6.x in VMWare

These videos walked through the installation of Call Manager, ceftin 250mg pills $90.00 but nothing more. Ceftin 250mg pills $90.00 Before I release a post on how to register phones to the virtual lab, ceftin 250mg pills $90.00 we need to enable the services on the CUCM system and remove dependency on dns.

Ceftin 250mg pills $90.00

Here is a list of the items covered in the video below

Enable necessary services

  1. Go to the Cisco Unified Serviceability Page
  2. Go to ‘Tools > Service Activation’
  3. Check the services you would like to Activate
  4. Click ‘Save’

Remove dependancy on DNS

  1. Go back to the Cisco Unified Administration Page
  2. Go to ‘System > Server’
  3. Change the hostname to the ip address of the CUCM Server
  4. Go to ‘System > Enterprise Parameters’
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Phone URL Parameters’ Section
  6. Change the hostname in the URLs to the ip address of the CUCM Server
  7. Click ‘Save’

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