I just finished the video tutorial for the headquarters part of the virtual voice lab. This tutorial will basically walk you through adding all the devices for the headquarters location.


Update (12/19/2008): The steps below only partially work. I ran into issues communicating with the host Ubuntu Machine. When you are finished with this tutorial, take a look at this one: Linux Bridging for GNS3 LAN communications

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Open GNS3 as root (this is necessary for bridging to the LAN)
  2. Add a cloud icon bridging to eth0
  3. Add an ethernet switch icon for Headquarters
  4. Add two decorative nodes (computers) to represent the Call Manager and XP workstation
  5. Add a router icon. I am using a 3725.
  6. Connect the ethernet switch to all other icons.
  7. Configure the router with an IP address and ping the Call Manager to make sure the bridge is working.

watch video


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