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Have you ever wanted to keep notes inside a router instead of an external location? For a few years now, I have thought it would be great is Cisco would include a minimal text editor within the IOS code. It would be nice to have a notes inside the router regarding the last change that was made or other various notes.


In January, Ivan Pepelnjak released an article that show's how to . Weight loss this is what i was looking for! using the following tcl command, i can weight loss create a text file in the router's flash for future reference. This can also be used to build configuration changes in a text file, then use a kron job to implement the changes after hours. router#tclsh router(tcl)# router(tcl)#puts [open "flash:text-file-name" w+] { +> +> Enter file text here +> +> Or, paste text from another file inside the brackets +> +>} The text for the file need to be enclosed with brackets {}. Ivan also has where you upload a tcl script to the router and create an alias. It is a cleaner solution [weight loss] weight loss, but the router needs the tcl script stored before it can work. I like the tcl command better because I don't have to upload anything to the router (I know it is petty).




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